Woman goes CRAZY after being detained for stealing from a store.

The video above is going viral after a man physically restrained a woman who was stealing from Rite-Aid. 

In the video, you hear the man tell the woman "you cannot shop lift here." The woman replies "yeah, why not." From there things escalate. The woman kicks her leg trying to assault the man to break free of his grip. The man responds by swinging the woman attempting to throw he down on the ground. The woman then screams bloody murder pleading for help.

This continues until police arrive to arrest the woman. You then hear the woman claim she was assaulted, as she was being handcuffed.

There are a lot of mixed reactions to this video. Some saying the man should not have detained her, others believing he was well within his right.

Depending on what state your in, stores do have the right to physically detain you if you steal from the store and have left the property. The owner of the video claims the woman ran out the store with two items in her hand.

Do you think security went too far? Let me know your thoughts below.

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