Teens laugh as woman clings on for life from a third floor window

I just cannot understand why these teens are laughing as this woman is screaming for help.

Via Dailymail

A shocking video shows school students in Russia laughing as a screaming woman desperately clings on for her life from a third floor window.

The footage shows the woman, 50, desperately pleading for help as she dangles from her fingertips on the side of a tall building in Tatarstan.

But the teenagers do not call for help, instead using a mobile phone to film the person.

On the footage a boy is heard asking 'isn't it funny?', sparking a media and online backlash.

The students are laughing so hard that the mobile used to film the incident can be seen constantly shaking.

Eventually the frightened woman fell to the ground, and is now seriously injured in hospital.

Only then is one voice heard saying: 'Call the ambulance now. Go, call.'

Photo Credit: Youtube

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