FDNY medic is killed after a man who stole her ambulance plows into her!

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A FDNY medic lost her life today after attempting to stop a mugging, only to have the mugger jump in her ambulance and run her over. 

Via Daily Mail

Shocking footage has captured the sickening moment a man stealing an ambulance plows into a female FDNY medic in the Bronx, killing her and leaving her distraught partner trying to attack the carjacker.

The chaotic scene unfolded after the two EMT's were driving along a street in the Bronx in response to an emergency call.

As they were driving, nearby drivers on the road alerted them to the fact that a man was riding along the back bumper of their ambulance.

The EMT's then stopped the ambulance and both of them got out of the vehicle and walked toward the back to check if there was anyone there, according to WCBS-TV.

The man then ran along the opposite side of the ambulance to avoid the EMT's and climbed into the vehicle and behind the wheel.

One of the EMT's returned to the passenger side of the ambulance and struggled with the carjacker as he tried to drive away.

The other EMT who had been driving the ambulance also tried to wrest control of the wheel from the carjacker, but somehow she ended up losing her balance and being run over.

She was rushed to a nearby hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

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Part of the incident was caught on video. Watch below.

Warning - Graphic Content

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