Violent Teenage Mob Breaks Out At Oakland Carnival: Fights, Theft and Chaos!

Apparently, a couple hundred teenagers destroyed the Oakland Carnival over the weekend with fights, looting and destroying property.


Chaos at a carnival in Oakland over the weekend was caught on camera.

The videos show a mob of people at a carnival taking anything they can get their hands on.

It was more than just theft and vandalism. People were actually hurt.

This happened over the weekend near the Oakland Coliseum.

Carnival workers tell KRON4 they lost $30,000 worth of merchandise.

Trying to make ends meet, the workers say they are so scared that KRON4 had to cover their faces and alter their voices for this story.

Carnival employees tell KRON4 hundreds of teenagers were part of this violent mob.

Cellphone video shows teenagers out of control and on the loose, stealing prize after prize at the Butler Carnival held in East Oakland on Saturday night.

Workers are still scared.

“One of our guys got hit with a brick and had to go to the hospital because the guy said you didn’t win and they threw a brick at him,” one worker said.

And that was only some of the violence. This video was posted on Twitter.

In it, a fight broke out. At one point, a young man is just laying on the ground.

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