The Internet Reacts To Nicki Minaj New Single " No Frauds" Response To Remy Ma's #ShEther

Looks like we finally have a response from Nicki Minaj! After Remy Ma took shots last week with "ShEther" leaving nothing on the table, hip hop fans have been pleading with Nicki to respond! Now, it seems Nicki has finally responded on her track "No Frauds" featuring Drake and Lil Wayne. 

Via XXLMag:

“You can’t be Pablo if your work ain’t sellin’/What the fuck is this bitch inhalin’?/Tried to drop ‘Another One,’ you was itchin’ to scrap/You exposed your ghostwriter/Now you wish it was scrapped/Heard your pussy on yuck/I guess you needed a Pap,” Nicki raps.

While it’s clear she’s firing back at Remy in her opening verse, she doesn’t stop there. Nicki claims the Bronx rapper, who lyrically attacked her in regards to going under the knife, got some surgery herself. This beef has been brewing for quite some time.

“Sheneneh, you a fraud committin’ perjury/I got before and after pictures of your surgery/Rah took you to her doc, but you don’t look like Rah/Left the operating table, still look like ‘Nah.’”

As for Drake he’s not with the fakery (“Why do niggas that are not involved love to get involved?/Why do niggas claim the streets and act just like the law?) and Weezy’s just looking for some loving (“I don’t need no drama, I just need some nana”).

Now, hip hop fans don't seem to be too impressed with her response. Check out her verse and some of the reactions below!

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