First Look At The AVATAR Theme Park!

A couple of videos have popped up online that take us on a tour of Walt Disney World’s Pandora: The World of Avatar. The attraction is an extension of the films that director James Cameron is currently developing, and it basically spoils the end of Cameron's epic five film Avatar saga. The attraction is basically Avatar 6.

Cameron  reveals that the theme park experience is set in a timeline that takes  place a generation after the events in the upcoming five movies. This is  after the war between the humans and Na'vi is over and the Na'vi are  now welcoming humans to their planet to experience what they have to  offer. So the big spoiler is that the Na'vi and humans eventually work  out their differences and Pandora isn't going to be destroyed. 

As you'll see, Disney’s Imagineers did an incredible job bringing  this unique world to life. It looks like it will be an incredibly fun  experience check out. I've never been to Walt Disney World in Florida,  but it looks like maybe that time will be coming because I want to check  it and everything else they have to offer out. 

In the first video from The View, Cameron takes Whoopi Goldberg on a tour through the park. The second video comes from Good Morning America and producer Jon Landau offers a little tour of the Pandora and also previews the Flight of Passage attraction, which is a 3D simulator in which riders get to sit on the back of a flying banshee.

Pandora: The World of Avatar opens at Animal Kingdom on May 27.

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