Naked Video Scandal At Clayton Valley High School

CBS reports 

CONCORD (CBS SF) — A Concord high school administrator was the  victim in a scandal Monday after a nude video illegally taken by a  student inside a locker room at a private club was distributed on social  media.

Outside Clayton Valley Charter High School, Monday afternoon,  confused parents approached KPIX 5 cameras waiving suspension slips for  their children looking for answers.

The teens are accused of distributing a nude photo still from a video  of Clayton Valley Charter High School Executive Director David Lindzey.  The video was taken in an off-campus locker room at a private club in  Walnut Creek.

One parent confirmed that her daughter was in trouble for sharing the photo with friends, but not for taking it.

Parents said they were not getting much information from  administrators. They feel as though their students were being singled  out.

“You cannot tell me out of all the kids here at school, only five sent it to somebody,” said one parent.

“Right around fourth period, everyone had it on their phone,” said  student Jacob Aviola, whose sister was suspended for five days for  having the picture on her phone.

Most students agree sending the picture was wrong, but they’re  worried about the lack of information coming out of the main office.

“We’re just worried about our rights as students,” said one teen who attends Clayton Valley High.

School administrators declined to go on camera, but the schools Operations Director Alison Bacigalupo released a statement.

“CVCHS takes disciplinary issues seriously and we never comment  publicly on any specific matter related to our students,” the statement  read. “We would encourage the media to respect the privacy of our  students and to recognize that discipline is always confidential.”

KPIX 5 reached out to the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s office to  inquire whether any of the students might be facing criminal charges,  but there was no response as of 5 p.m.

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