‘Jeopardy’ contestant gives Trebek the finger

Of course he lives in the Bay Area! lol

Via NYPost

A smug computer science major on “Jeopardy” found the nerdiest way possible to say “Suck it, Trebek.”

In the small talk portion of Wednesday night’s “Jeopardy! College Championship” edition, Stanford undergrad Viraj Mehta slyly flipped Alex Trebek the bird while talking about differential geometry and pizza.

Mehta, a Texas native, got going about a theorem in differential geometry “that explains really, well, why, if you fold a slice of pizza, the tip stays in the air so you can eat it easily,” all the while flashing his own single-digit salute in the air.

The brazen gesticulation went on for about seven seconds before Mehta wrapped up his explanation, adding that it “was really cool to work out in class.” Trebek appears not to notice when he chalks up Mehta’s theorem to “thick crust.”

Twitter of course noticed the stunt, and Mehta noticed right back. He confirmed to one user that yes, the finger was quite intentional.

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