Jamie Foxx Films The Moment Two Men Hurl Shocking Racist Remarks At Him In Restaurant!

These things still happen in 2017 regardless of who you are. Glad Jamie handled it the way he did!

VIa Dailymail

Jamie Foxx's reaction just moments after he was subjected to racial slurs while dining at a Croatian restaurant has been captured on camera.

The Hollywood star, who is in Dubrovnik filming his next movie, posted videos and comments on his Instagram page about the shocking incident on Monday.

In his comments, which have since been deleted, Foxx mentioned an offensive racial term being hurled by two men, aged 44 and 50.

The term, according to Total Croatia News, was 'crncuga' - which means 'n*****'. 

Croatian police said Tuesday disorderly conduct charges have been filed against the two men who allegedly targeted 'one of the guests on racial grounds'.

The police statement did not name Foxx as the target.

Police went on to say they are investigating whether to pursue other charges against the men.

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