#NationalPizzaDay Deals on PIES + Celeb Pizza Creations

It's National Pizza Day, which means you can give in and have that extra slice of pizza or just appreciate the yummy-ness that is pizza from afar. If you choose the latter, then you might want to check out these crazy creative creations, whew that was a tongue twister, featuring pizza and some faces you might know! ;0)  

Check out this pizza art. Restaurateur Domenico Crolla has turned some of the world's most famous faces into margherita pies.  Scotland-based Domenico, who is Italian, uses cheese and tomato sauce to recreate the likes of Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, Simo

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Ready to celebrate with your own hot pie, topped with melted cheesy goodness and an array of toppings??

You might want to Check Out Some of These Deals...

Now if you like Pizza Hut AND Amazon, you can celebrate all week starting TODAY! February 9th through February 16th use the Pizza Hut skill (command) for Alexa Voice Service on Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap, Echo Dot, Amazon Fire TV and Fire tablets and you'll get 30% off your order. You can also skip the voice commands if you're not up on the tech and hit up Pizza Hut for a medium three-topping pizza for $6.

Papa John’s said forget Pizza DAY and decided they're going to celebrate the whole month! You can get 40% off all regular-priced pizzas until March 5th

If you're a Domino’s lover. Order a large three-topping pizza online and pick it up in-store for just $8 or check out their mix-and-match deal with two or more sides for just $5.99.

Round Table Pizza – You can get that large one-topping and throw in a a two-liter soda for $19.99.

If you're looking for somewhere for the behbehs...Head to Chuck E. Cheese’s for a $2 discount off any large pizza when you print this coupon.

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