Photo Credit SANA G

Sooooooo this child is a DESTRUCTO!! I swear I have NO IDEA how she keeps breaking EVERYTHING IN THE HOUSE!! 

Last night as I lay on my BROKEN BED FRAME because my lil monkey likes to do flips and bounce and push and kick the headboard so the frame broke away from the headboard, she BREAKS a solid OAK WOOD STEP STOOL. HOW IN THE ENTIRE (BLEEP) did this happen I have no idea but it happened. I had to send her to bed early before I became that bad parent cause I was HOT!!

We are looking at a list of 100 plus things in the house, in the yard, in the car, at work that this child has broken since the beautiful beginning of her existence. Now we are blessed and I appreciate her more than anything but DANG at what point can I trust her not to CONDEM something if I'm not watching!!

Not to mention the MONEY it is taking to not only put her through school and daycare but also to replace and repair things that she breaks... its out of control! I have the handyman coming tomorrow to some how fix the bed so that I don't have to replace it until she goes in her own room.

All kids are rough and rugged some more than others and parents my question is when does it EASE UP!! During all this you have to teach them why they have to be careful. On top of the primary reason which is YOU HAVE TO BE SAFE BECAUSE YOU CAN HURT YOURSELF but also RESPECT YOUR STUFF AND OUR STUFF!! This stuff is not cheap or free so stop blowing MOMMIES MONEY hahahah!!