Photo Credit SANA G

Soooooooo we are at SWIM LESSONS yesterday and this child did not want to listen to the instructor. Several times she and I both had to talk to my daughter to get her motivated to FOCUS and pay attention and try to execute what she was being shown in the pool! She was not responding well and even got told to sit out of the pool until she could focus and participate in the lessons!

After the lesson was over, I tell her to sit next to me to have a talk. Granted mommy paid 350 for these lessons and I don't want ONE MINUTE wasted cause someone has a funky attitude!! I SAID, "WHY ARE YOU NOT PARTICIPATING HONEY, IT'S IMPORTANT THAT YOU LEARN HOW TO SWIM... WHY ARE YOU NOT FOCUSING?" She responds.... "BECAUSE I WANT TO DO WHAT I WANT TO DO" with probably the stankest face and delivery I have ever seen her give me.

My response was "EXCUSE ME, WHAT DID YOU SAY?" And she repeated herself, MORE STANK!! Ohhhhhh boy.

Needless to say we had a talk about how mommy spent some descent change to get this lessons for her and how it is MAINLY important that she learn to PROTECT herself when she is in the POOL to be able to keep herself from DROWNING!!

She was tired, no nap, and was low on energy but that was the FIRST TIME I have ever really heard her talk to me like that..... and I am worried.

I was OVER DISCIPLINED as a child to say the least... Like thrown into the garage from the laundry room type stuff and I don't want to put hands on my child.

I will continue to try and talk some sense into her but what happens when that doesn't work?