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It's been 4 years that my life has consisted of just myself and my DAUGHTER. Now that I have someone, figuring out how to set boundaries for her in regards to hugging, touching and contact in general between him and her is ONE BIG HURDLE... What should I allow, what message do I want her to get about men.. etc. But also HOW DO I EXPLAIN OUR RELATIONSHIP TO HER?

Her new thing is to run around saying "OOOOOOO SOMEONE'S GONNA GET MARRIED"!! Hahah Which is cute and a dope concept but not true! I would rather her think that you only have someone around on a consistent basis if you have plans to marry someone, that is a good moral lesson.... Or is it?

If things don't end up working out between myself and this person what do I say then? Some people just aren't meant to be together? She has gotten really close to this man and THE LAST THING I would want is to show her that it is OK to be serious about a person and then say goodbye. It does happen, it is real life but I'M GROWN. Explaining these things to a child is HARD!!

Not hoping for failure in this relationship but it is a possibility! Life lessons... so hard to break down to a 4 YEAR OLD! hahah Just sharing my current situations..always.