Photo Credit: SANA G

KIDS can be mean... and when their words affect your child you want to WRECK SHOP AT THE SCHOOL HOUSE!! But you have to keep in mind they are kids and they are all not raised or treated the same.

Recently, my daughter has been complaining about not showing her legs because the boys are school are making fun of the girls who have alil hair growing in on them. My daughter is also always calling everyone her friend when in reality we all know as adults that that is not true but she is just a loving child and some of the kids will say "I'M NOT YOUR FRIEND" just to hurt her feelings!

I try my best to tell her that some people find humor in saying hurtful things and to always keep in mind that not everyone is nice but that "ALL OF YOU ARE KIDS AND SAY STUFF YOU DON'T MEAN OR UNDERSTAND".

It is sad to see my baby cry or be upset from hurtful interaction with her classmates but I guess it's just a part of growing up and dealing with people!!

How do you feel when your kids come home sad about what other kids say to them!! WHAT ADVICE DO YOU GIVE THEM?!! PLEASE SHARE AND COMMENT! PARENTS STICK TOGETHER!