Photo Credit: SANA G

Soooooooo......yeah. My lil one comes home yesterday and while playing with some toys says "MOMMY I JUST WANT TO BE FAKE LIKE YOU".... hmmmmmmmm.

So there are a few things that pass through my head after I went down a list of bums that would have the nerve to say this in front of my child. After a moment of anger I proceeded with the interrogation to figure out where she heard this and I got a few different stories in return, 2 of which surrounded my neighbors.

Now we all know that I run at the mouth about whatever but one thing I try to restrict is what I say around children because we all know that they are sponges and will repeat what ever they hear. I do know that my daughter will hear something and not understand it but repeat it and fit it into what she knows which is mainly mommy but I can also see where someone would say that about me so where the source lies is still a mystery.

This whole situation started to worry me as to what she will hear people say about mommy or life in general that she will include in her vocabulary. SO MANY THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT SO MANY THINGS TO PROTECT HER FROM, it is just TOO MUCH SOMETIMES!

At the end of the day, all I can do is talk to her and make her understand what is acceptable and what is not, who is cool to be around and listen to and who is not.... at this point, I don't think we will be leaving the house for a while or f* with the neighbors..... JUST IN CASE. LOL.

What has your child come home and told you that you were like WTF!??? WHERE DID YOU HEAR THAT?? WHO SAID THAT TO YOU!!