What do you do when the TEACHER tells you that YOUR CHILD SOCKED ANOTHER STUDENT IN THE FACE?! At first, I got mad, then I wanted to laugh, then I got mad again after I found out that they put her on time-out because she had no reason for doing it!

Kids are kids and at the end of the day, they are not sure why they do half the stuff they do or at least that's what they say. They are discovering emotions and new situations everyday. That being said, how do you handle that?

I had the "you don't hit people" talk with her and tried to get an answer out of her as to why she decided to connecto with the face of another little girl but to no avail. She just kept answering "I don't know". Kids can be mean even if they don't touch you and I know my daughter is a very loving and caring little girl so it is pretty much still a mystery!

AND NO, TO ANSWER ANY QUESTION THAT MAY BE IN YOUR MIND I DON'T GO AROUND SLAPPING HER IN THE FACE FOR ANY REASON! She does get disciplined but mostly with time-outs and losing privileges. Although an occasional swat on the booty might be necessary... keep it real.

At the end of the day, I don't want my daughter to be a punk, she should defend herself and stand up for what she believes in but I don't want to promote PHYSICAL CONTACT, it should NEVER BE THAT SERIOUS! I did my best to explain what's the real on this subject and let's hope that what we talked about sank in cause I don't want to get that phone call from her school saying to loosened someone's TEETH!

Being a parent is stressful and WORK! Please SHARE YOUR MY KID WHOOPED SOMEONE STORY and let me and everyone else reading how you HANDLED IT!