In Jennifer's words:
1 - On the day of my diagnosis I asked my husband to take my photo every day for a year. We did this and then made this short (two-minute) video: A Photo a Day: One Year with Cancer. This has had a huge response, with more than 640,000 views so far on YouTube.
2 - Also, here are my comments at the press conference in Sacramento on January 21, 2015, introducing the End-of-Life Option Act for California. The video is only 4 minutes long and is a good summary of why this legislation is so important to me.
Polls show that the overwhelming majority of Californians support such a law, but we all need to make our voices heard in order for the law to change. The first step is having the conversation with family.
On a related note, here's a story from the Washington Post: Too Many African Americans Plan Too Little for Death.
What KMEL Listeners Can Do
The End-of-Life Option Act for California (SB 128) is under review now and needs to be approved in the Senate and the Assembly before it can go to the governor for his signature. Our lawmakers won't change the law unless they know this is important to their constituents. 
Go to this link to let California state lawmakers know that end-of-life options are important to you.
Brief bio on me

Jennifer Glass is a writer, speaker and advocate for end-of-life options.  She was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer in January, 2013, just four months after getting married. Jennifer has more than 25 years of experience as a public relations executive and has held senior positions at companies including Oracle, Sony and Facebook. She lives with her husband and stepchildren in San Mateo, California.
Watch our full interview with Jennifer below: