Scientists from the University of Oxford discovered that females with big bootys are smarter + healthier !!!!! HMM I KNEW IT !!!  Lmao The team analyzed data from over 16,000 women. 

 According to ABC News, The study found that ladIes with donks usually have lower levels of cholesterol . Also THAT ASS is more likely to produce hormones that metabolize sugar. WOO!!! Therefore if you got a biggg booty you are less likely to have diabetes or heart problems. 

 The Scientist also found that the children born to women with bigger donks and wider hips are smarter then children of flat bootys or less curvy women. YOU HEAR THAT........ EMBRACE THAT ASSS GIRL ;) Q


Lets pay respect to the LEGEND SIR MIX-A-LOT .  Now i know why he couldn't lie when asked if he loved big butts..... SMH that SMART  B*STARD 

photocred: instagram @Phatbootycuties