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Tyga made a tour stop in San Francisco & stopped by 106 KMEL for an exclusive and in-depth interview with Shay Diddy as he opened up and the two talked about EVERYTHING and got super PERSONAL – from his latest music to his acting career and even addressed the public shaming he dealt with for dating Kylie Jenner and why he made the Snapchat rant about Blac Chyna earlier this week.

Music-wise, the two talked about his latest single “Baller Alert”, as well as his relationships with Chris Brown, Kanye West (they were working on Ye’s album together the night before it released), and Drake. Shifting gears into acting, he talked about his upcoming roles in both Barbershop 3 & Tyler Perry’s Madea – Halloween. Tyga even revealed that he was offered roles in Empire & the movie Maze Runner, but passed on them.

On his personal life, Tyga revealed that he grew up with a father and has no interest in ever meeting him in person. Shay then asked Tyga about his thoughts on how the media portrays him to be, as well as if he’s worried that one day his son, Cairo, will see these headlines and drama surrounding his family. Additionally, they also talk about his relationship with Kylie and uses Valentine’s Day an example of the media making up stories.

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In this teaser clip, Tyga talks to Shay Diddy about his relationship with Kylie Jenner and how he deals with the media and blogs.

In this teaser clip, Tyga talks to Shay Diddy about his Snapchat rant about Blac Chyna, as well as his upcoming new album and how Justin Bieber put him onto Snapchat in the first place! 

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