Our favorite girl Karrueche is catching heat right now even though her intent was good. She recently held a benefit party to help raise funds for Typhoon Haiyan Relief and was posting pictures from the party. Its not the party people are pissed about, its WHY is the guy in the back making "Chingy" eyes? Maybe people feel he was trying to look almost like everyone else in the photo and the joke was not funny. Either way Karrueches good intentions are now turning foul! Check out the photo below and her followers comments on it! Let me know what you think: Offensive or Just goofing around?

karrueche 3 days ago We did it! $13,000 was raised for the Philippines! Thank you and congrats to everyone involved and who supported.. this is amazing and proof that we can come together to make a change whether big or small. ❤️ #la4haiyanrelief

iamcharlieg The guy in the back is offensive and not funny
brianangeluv Omg that Chris browns old cbe dancer!!!! 😻 I always thought he was sooo hot! 😹
shurrrl @karrueche phenomenal! thank you for helping out my people!!
thebanessa @karrueche thank you so much for helping my country! You're a wonderful person!
tolkunai I'm Asian,and it is funny :))
tolkunai Most of these "offended people" are not Asians lol.this is hilarious tho.
tastysweet__ @iamcharlieg the picture wasn't meant to be offense so relax lol but question ... are you Asian?
tastysweet__ food for thought
meeezyxx But can't you just like give 13,000 dollars lol...
dallmyd_911 That's not always true @tastysweet__
divadelly77 How much you gave @meeezyxx
morgan_ali @tastysweet__ exactly! And if this were the other way around Asians wouldn't be going out of their way to stand up for a Black person.
fly_pharaoh @meeezyxx how much did you donate?
wuuzy Great job on raising money but seriously the guy in the back. 😓 stupid.
ninabnyc Great job on raising the money, but the dumb f##k in back ruined the picture. Excuse my language 🙊