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All along we've been asking Siri for directions, the weather but I bet you didn't know Siri is more helpful than we thought.

Here are 7 things Siri can do that I'm sure you didn't even think she could:

1. Opening apps, You can say, “Open Calendar” or “Play Angry Birds” or “Launch Calculator.”  

2. Change your settings in iOS 7, You can say, for example, “Turn on Bluetooth,” “Turn off WiFi,” “Turn on Do Not Disturb,” and “Turn on Airplane mode.” 

3. Read full emails to you, For example, if you say, “Read my latest email” or “Read my new email,” Siri reads aloud your most recent email message. (Siri then offers you the chance to dictate a response.) 

4. Search and play music, Siri plays (or skips, shuffles, or pauses) the music you asked for — without ever leaving whatever app you were using. 

5. Find My Friends, you see this category only if you’ve installed Apple’s Find My Friends app. Siri shows you a beautiful little map with the requested person’s location clearly indicated by a blue pushpin. 

6. Search movie facts, she knows everything. “Who was the star of Groundhog Day?” “Who directed Chinatown?” “What is Waterworld rated?”

7. Post to Twitter or Facebook, Siri offers you a sheet (a miniature dialog box) where you can approve the transcription and then, if it all looks good, send it off to your Twitter or Facebook feed. 

Now pull out your phones and have some fun!

Story Credit: Yahoo

Written by: Karizma Kysh