A lot of people have been on social media saying that they're sick of seeing these ice bucket challenge video's and that people are wasting water etc, etc.

Well let this young man who was diagnosed with ALS at the young age of 26 tell you why he feels like this is so important, and how ALS affects not only his daily life but the life of his family members who are also stricken with this debilitating illness. 

I think that this "Ice Bucket Challenge" whether you think its dumb or not is helping bring awareness to something that people may have looked over earlier, and thats worth all the videos people have been making as of late. 

If you don't want to do the challenge, at least donate if you have the means.... 

If not ALS, then donate to your favorite charity or cause. If you have the time and not the funds then volunteer locally. 

Just make a change.  - DC.