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(Yahoo!) - Kanye West is so mad that his video for his song “Black Skinhead” leaked Monday.

How mad is he?

Kanye is so mad that he actually did not complain via his usual tyrannical Twitter rant method. He actually maintained his composure and addressed the matter in a surprisingly, albeit, professional manner.

In the unauthorized, black and white clip, a shirtless, animated image of the rapper jumps around while performing the song.

The new father, who welcomed last month his daughter North West with girlfriend Kim Kardashian, said the final version will be ready next week.

Kanye was arguably most humble in the way he requested that sites stop promoting the unfinished version. 

Kanye explained the dedication he and Knight have placed in the work.

Who is behind his fitting correspondence? Did someone on Kanye’s PR team write this on his behalf? Has new found fatherhood (also know to prompt sleep deprivation) calmed him? Or is it simply despair from artistic heartache?

Whatever the cause, thumbs up. 

But Kanye gets in one last line of his otherwise super nice cease and desist order: “And to who ever leaked the video… F-K YOU!” he wrote.

That’s the Kanye we all know. But he gets a pass this time. He did ask nicely! 


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