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Lady Gaga had a pretty memorable performance at this year's MTV VMAs! If you wanna rock a "Little Monster" approved costume for Halloween, follow our guide and you'll be set.

STEP 1: The White Board

You should be able to find this at any local drug store. Just layer a few boards and cut a hole for your face in the middle. You can even take a slice of cardboard and paint it white or use a slice of foam from a crafts store.

STEP 2: The White Coat/Robe

You basically just need something oversized and white. Check your closet for a white, long coat or trenchcoat. A labcoat like THIS ONE will do the job. If you're looking more for a robe, TRY THIS. If you want to be spot-on, THIS CHOICE will be perfect (minus the creepy mask).

STEP 3: The Pearls

Finding a necklace like the one in the photo should be easy. We like THIS ONE and it's only $16. Plus, you can wear it out with a NON-Halloween outfit!

STEP 4: Lipstick

Simple! Classic! And you can use the lipstick over and over. THIS ONE is super cheap and you can find it at your local drug store! Pick a red or pink hue.

BONUS: Carry a microphone! Or get a cheap toy one like THIS ONE.

And... if you're feeling ADVENTUROUS...

Slap THESE on, put on THESE SHOES and you can rock Gaga's OTHER VMA outfit!! Good luck!