San Francisco boxer Karim “Hard Hitta” Mayfield steps out of the ring and into the 106KMEL studios to talk with Shay Diddy and DJ Black Marc about what’s kept his name in headlines since taking his first loss, including his manager's arrest.
The Fillmore-native discusses his loss against Thomas Dulorme for the NABF Welterweight title, and his thoughts on the fight, including what he considered to be  “excessive holding.” Despite the outcome, Mayfield isn’t looking to make any excuses, but is now looking for redemption in a rematch. He also clears the air on the false reports of him “licking” Dulorme’s chest during weigh-in, and explains that he only “sniffed him up and down like a pitbull.”
Right before the match, Mayfield was surprised to learn that his manager, Marlon Sullivan, was arrested in connection with the Senator Leland Yee federal case. Mayfield has yet to talk to Sullivan since the indictment, but has unfortunately fallen victim to media scrutiny. He talks about the media’s negative portrayal of him, as well as a personal experience he’s had with a journalist who he felt was slandering his name.
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Written by Connie Tang (@connieezy)