Kanye West stopped by the V.I.P Lounge in San Francisco to chop it up with 106 KMEL’s Morning Show hosts Sana G and Miss Kimmie. While he was here, he revealed how much he loves Kim Kardashian and why. He also dished on how he felt about Kim K’s recent photo that took social media by storm.
Since “Yeezus” was such a hard concept to figure out, Sana G and Miss Kimmie found out the true meaning of the album and the whole mocking Jesus idea. You can only respect Mr. West after you find out his intention.
Inside the full interview, Kanye West reveals the truth behind where his “say what I want” mentality came from. Unlike people may think, Kanye West is actually very spiritual. You can find out who he chooses to worship and wrap his life around.
Since his now fiancé is a huge reality star, he speaks on how they deal with the fame and the crazy paparazzi. He also talks about how his baby girl North West is the motivation behind him going so hard.
Watch the full interview for all the details!
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Kanye West chops it up with Sana & Miss Kimmie

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