Having made himself a household name in living rooms across the country, model Don Benjamin is looking to expand his entrepreneurial skills further after his America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 stint. He recently kicked it with 106 KMEL’s Shay Diddy in the VIP Lounge in San Francisco as they talked about all his current endeavors, including music, acting, and fashion, as well as what scenes didn’t make it onto our television screens this season!

More than just a handsome face on ANTM, you might also recognize the 26-year-old from his guest appearances on hit TV shows like Bones and Desperate Housewives, or even as the lead male in Danity Kane’s “Bad Girl” music video. While he is juggling many different titles and interests, Don reveals to Shay that he hasn’t abandoned the idea of continuing to expand his acting portfolio. However, his main focus now is to go back to where it originally started for him – music.

The Minneapolis native initially was pursuing rap before becoming a professional model. Whilst on ANTM, it has helped become a platform to spread his music, which ultimately lead to him putting out ‘High Fashion.’ Since his EP wasn’t ready at the time, Don blended together some of his favorite tracks at the time to create the mixtape, which he describes to have a theme of being in a certain “state of mind” and “making a statement.” He’s currently still in the studio working on his upcoming project.

When he’s not busy acting, modeling or recording music, Don is spending his time working on his self-titled fashion line. Though he’s given slight glimpses into some items, he wants to keep it a secret until the entire line is complete. However, fans can expect the line to be somewhere along the lines of Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, and YSL.

Additionally, Don reflects on his experience on ANTM, and also reveals his reaction to the show finale, as well as his opinion about Jourdan and having to live with her. He even exclusively shares with Shay what happened between him and Jourdan when she cut into his phone time, and his mom’s thoughts about the show.


Shay Diddy Interviews Don Benjamin